A Very Proud Dad

Kenzo and Luvio After a month of missing skiing due to ongoing colds, flu, gastroenteritis and an ear infection (creche has been a bug-fest recently…), my little boy, Kenzo, was well enough to come out skiing with mum and dad and his buddy Luvio today. There’s a fair bit of competition between the two boys, though they get on fantastically, and as soon as we were at the top of the lift, they were jockeying for position behind me!

Kenzo’s 4 and Luvio 5, and as lads who’ve grown up in the mountains, they have an excellent sense of their environment. They know when they need to slow down, cope with big changes in snow type superbly, have an excellent spatial awareness and sense of direction, and they’re confident out in the big mountains. I can now step on the gas a bit on wider open slopes and they stay with me, cruising along superbly. Looking back a couple of times to check how they were doing today it was fantastic to see they were both carving perfect turns as they followed me down. (If you’re not a skier, carving turns is something that most adults spend years trying to perfect because it’s not very easy!) They’re in such good control and enjoy being out on skis so much, it’s great to see. I feel very proud of them both doing so well at such a young age. The two of them turn quite a few heads when out on the slopes too. A few months ago a group of teenagers skied past them, with one of the guys shouting out, “Hey, look at those little dudes!” to his mates. They also get envious looks from adults struggling to stay upright as the two of them zip down seemingly effortlessly!

We skied long open runs, a cool gully covered in moguls, some steeper pitches and some narrow paths, and they coped superbly. They both had a couple of spills but that’s all part of skiing really, and they pick themselves up and are soon back to seeing who can ski closest to me…

Then, on the way back up, the two of them chat away, flitting from French to English at will. They’re both bilingual, and this is another of the things I love about them growing up out here.

So all in all a great day out, and I hope it marks the end of what’s been a rough spell of health for Kenzo.


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